Laser Cutting Parts of Heavy Steel

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Product Description

Laser Cutting Parts of Heavy Steel

Material: Carbon steel

Material #: Q235/ASTM A53/S235JR

Thickness: 15mm/ 0.59 inch

Cutting speed: 0.8-0.9 Meter/Minute

4 Tapping after laser cutting

The machine's characteristic:

1. The cutting technology from Prima industries(Italy), the laser power is 4000W

2. Work table(mm): 3000*12000

3. Processing range(mm): 3000*12000

4. Accuracy(mm): Plus/Minus 0.03

5. Repeatability(mm): Plus/Minus 0.01

6. Max cutting capacity(mm): Carbon steel plate can be 24mm, Stainless steel plate can be 12mm, Aluminum alloy plate can be 10mm.

Note: This product shown above is used to show you the scope of manufacturing activities, this is just for reference, not for sale. if you are interested, just contact us please.

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